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DCH Brunswick Toyota to Host Breast Cancer Awareness Event

October is breast cancer awareness month, and in an effort to educate and increase awareness, the Sales and Service Departments at DCH Brunswick Toyota are hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Event.

Service You Can Count On

We take the service of your vehicle seriously at DCH Brunswick Toyota, and we want to provide you with the best experience possible.

Consumer Reports Recommends Toyota RAV4 Over Honda CR-V

There's a reason why Consumer Reports ranks the Toyota RAV4 over the Honda CR-V. (Actually, there are several.) Learn what makes the RAV4 so impressive here.
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Tips for Optimizing Fuel Efficiency

As the cost of fuel increases, more and more drivers are thinking about ways to maximize their gas mileage.

How to Change a Flat Tire

You hear a noise. You feel something wrong with the way your car handles. You pull off the road, get out of your car, and discover you have a flat tire.

Free Fitness Apps to Help You Get in Shape On the Go

Many of us would like to get in better shape, but the amount of available fitness apps can be daunting. Take a look at these free fitness apps for Android and iOS to get you started.

The Gutbuster’s Guide to the Greatest American Food Challenges

Whether you’re simply looking for an edible adventure, are a competitive eater, or just happen to have a really, really big appetite, you won’t want to miss these insane food challenges.

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